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Evgeni VYPOV
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1995      Academy of Arts    St. Petersburg
1998      Gallery ArtClub      Paris.
1999      Gallery ArtClub      Paris
1999      Gallery De Bres     Amsterdam
2000      Gallery Mancini      Venice
2000      Gallery De Bres     Amsterdam
2000      Gallery Archange   Paris
2001      Gallery Mancini       Venice
2001      Gallery De Bres      Amsterdam
2001      Gallery Archange    Paris
2002      Gallery Archange    Paris
2003      National Exhibition  Lipetsk
2004      National Exhibition  Moscow
2005      Gallery De Bres      Amsterdam
2006      Gallery Archange    Paris
2015      Art Gallery               Harbin
2015      Art Expo                  New York
2015      Art Hamptons          New York

           Personal exhibitions:

Archange Galerie. Paris, 2002, 2003, 2004 ,
Galerie de Bres Amsterdam 2002
    Evgeni Vypov was born in Russia. Graduated at Saint Petersbourg Fine Art Academy. His works are exhibited since 1997 in prestigious galleries in Saint Petersbourg, Amsterdam, Venice, Milan as well as Paris. His works are exhibited at Galerie Archange since 2000. His paintings are represented in local and overseas private collections as well as in the collections of Bryn Terfel, Mireille Mathieu
    Still lives are mostly made to delight the senses. By showing earthly pleasure they appeal to our sensitivity and above all they please the viewers eyes. The main tradition of still life painting dates back to 17th century Dutch Baroque painting with works such as the ones by Jan de Heem depicting profusion of fruits, vegetables, flowers and the whole range of related taste pleasure. The oils on canvas made by Vypov bear all these qualities and even suggest a melancholy feeling. Vypov uses a colourful palette of colours carefully chosen. The delightful details of the different elements shown seem to be subtly candle lit.
    Carefully staged and full vitality, Vypovs still lives are unified by finely balanced compositions. He juxtaposes his subjects for the delicacy of their contrasting shapes, colour and textures. The tasty visual abundance present in Vypovs pieces gather all the needed technical skills for accomplished still lives.                                                                                                            
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