Evgeni VYPOV
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                                   The endangered beauty of the mountains

  The idea of this project is to convey to us the urgency of climate change. The mountains are a beautiful, majestic, but fragile ecosystem.
  My passion for mountains echoed in my experience in the Gimlai, Altai, Sayan, Urals, Kamchatka, Alps, Caucasus and I felt the strength and fragility of this landscape. The true size of the mountains amazes and pacifies. The ice fields are full of movement and sounds that I never expected. I scaled up my compositions so that you feel the same sense of reverence as I do. In addition, although the greatness of the ice is obvious, its vulnerability is also obvious. I was able to see the ice melting under the abnormally hot sun
  My paintings explore moments of transition, turbulence and tranquility in the landscape, allowing viewers to emotionally connect with a place you might never have the chance to visit. I choose to convey the beauty as opposed to the devastation. If you can experience the sublimity of these landscapes, perhaps you'll be inspired to protect and preserve them.
  Behavioral psychology tells us that we take action and make decisions based on our emotions above all else. And studies have shown that art impacts our emotions more effectively than a scary news report. Experts predict that most glaciers in the Alps, the Caucasus and Altai will melt in the next decade. I have dedicated my project to illuminating these projections with an accessible medium, one that moves us in a way that statistics may not.
  My paintings celebrate the beauty of what we all stand to lose. I hope they can serve as records of sublime landscapes in flux, documenting the transition and inspiring our global community to take action for the future.
"The Altai, Belukha Mountain"  oil on canvas 70x50 cm
"The Himalayas, Mount Anapurna"  oil on canvas 150x85 cm
"The winter in the Ural mountains"  oil on canvas 150x80 cm
"Turkey. The Taurus Mountains"  oil on canvas 140x80 cm
"Turkey, The Taurus Mountains"  oil on canvas 100x60 cm
"In the mountains of the Caucasus"
oil on canvas 80x50 cm
"In the mountains of the Caucasus"
oil on canvas 85x50 cm
"The Sayan Mountains" watercolor on paper 80x50 cm
"Top in the Himalayas"  oil on canvas 140x80 cm
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